United States of America is known for its authentic culture, lifestyle, growing technology sector and even with its politics influencing the whole world. This is perhaps most Americans think about them. Here i have just pulled out certain facts, everyone might not be familiar with.

No Official Language

English most common language in America is not the official language of USA. American English is the most commonly used language.  (Honestly, Even I had no idea)

A Student Designed American Flag

50 star flag design was created as a school project by “Robert G. Heft” at the age of 17. He received a grade ‘B’ for it from his teacher. When the design was accepted nationally, his teacher promptly bumped up his grade. (Din’t expect this too)


Party Symbols

Democratic donkey & Republican elephant were not the independently self choosen symbols by both parties. In 1828, “Andrew Jackson” was titled “Jackass”( means donkey) by his opponent. Andrew perhaps took it in a positive way & related to a strong willed animal. He used the image of Donkey in his presidential campaigns & served as a first democratic American president in 1829.


Thomas Nast, a political cartoonist used donkey clothed in lion’s coat scaring all animals. He also used an Elephant (which was then meant to experience a combat by soldiers) & labeled it as a “republican vote” for republic party. He used them in Harper’s weekly cartoon in 1874 & was not accepted by republicans easily.

Host of Porn

In a report of Canadian Business, U.S.A. is leading in global porn production though in terms of profit other countries are ahead of it. Every 39 minute a new porn is made in U.S. & 40 millions of Americans are regular porn site visitors. According to PornHub, Americans watch porn for longest duration followed by U.K. & Germany. In a report of a website “fact retriever”  a senior writer “Karin Lehardt” shared an interesting fact- In 2004 “when G. Bush won, there was a high porn related search on internet by Republicans & when Barack Obama won same response was seen with democrats too”.

  • Statistic From Pornhub
    Statistic From Pornhub
    This statistics shows top countries with most traffic on pornhub
  • Statistic from SimilarWeb
    Statistic from SimilarWeb
    Shows the top porn maker countries
  • Existing Pages
    Existing Pages
    Statistic show top country with huge number of porn pages
  • America Is no.1 Porn Producer In World
    America Is no.1 Porn Producer In World
    Every 39 minute a new porn is made in U.S. & 40 millions of Americans are regular porn site visitors

Researchers tell winning & achieving increases the sex drive & creates surge of testosterone.

Hollywood Suicide

How many of us know Hollywood sign in Los Angeles, California holds such history. Honestly speaking I was unaware of its height too that someone can even climb on it. Unfortunately an American Actress “Peg Entwistle” in 1932 jumped off H of Hollywood & committed suicide for not getting signed in a movie “Thirteen women” by David O Selznick.

Peg Entwistle

Ex-President Collects Comics

Lively & most influencing political personality of America “Barack Obama” grew up reading & still loves to collect the comics of “Canon the Barbarian” & “Spider Man”. He has read all Harry potter Novels. (then i am sure he must be fond of kids too)

Marvel Comics, an American publisher of comic books after knowing Obama’s interests did put both (Obama & his favorite cartoon character) on the cover page of their release “The amazing spider man no. 583(Jan 2009). He named the story “Spidy meets the president” was way too famous & sold in minutes. It was even sold off $300 on eBay.


Americans on Food-Stamps or SNAP

Food stamps which is now known as Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program(SNAP) is an assistance from American government to low & no income family in food purchasing to people living in U.S.

SNAP benefits cost $70.9 billion in fiscal year 2016 and supplied roughly 44.2 million Americans with an average of $125.51 for each person per month in food assistance.

According to a report of Bloomberg News of 2016 “one out of every seven Americans is highly dependent on food stamps”. Where on one hand data tells that around 45 millions of Americans are dependent on SNAP; ironically In a very recent report of CNSNews soft-drinks/sodas are the maximum purchased commodity by these food stamp holders at different outlets of a grocery retailer & same retailer sold milk as top commodity to those who were not on food stamps at these outlets.

Americans Do Not Lock Their Homes/Cars

Though it sounds crazy but many Americans (especially in rural areas, old Americans & whites) do not lock their cars & doors. In a recent report of NICB (National Insurance Crime Bureau) in 2015, around 57,096 freebie thefts (where driver leaves unlocked car) were reported. It has grown by 31% in last three years. This data could even be more because many people do not admit of leaving their cars unlocked.

3 People Dies Every 2 Hour

In a report by Bureau of Transportation statistics, a survey conducted from 2001-2010 revealed that 3 people are killed every 2 hours in drink & drive accidents on highways in America. It causes as estimated cost of $37million to Americans.

In a report by U.S. department of Health & Human Services, around 15.1% of 18-20 & 5.8% of 16 & 17 ageing teens were reported driving after consuming alcohol in 2010. Same year 3,115 teens ageing 13-19 years (2 out of 3 were males) lost their lives in accidents in a report by “U.S. Department of Transportation”.

Binge drinking(consuming high volumes of alcohol in short duration) is common during festivities & party days of New Year, Christmas but Thanksgiving weekend is most travelled time period of the year when people spend time with their family & friends hence tend to drink more. Thanksgiving eve is eve is even referred as “Black Wednesday”.

  • Author_China_Crisis-WIKI
    Hattusa Temple
  • Pic_Author_Rita1234-WIKI
    Hattusa Reconstructed Wall
  • Author-Bernard-Gagnon-WIKI
    Sphinx Gate, Hattusa

Weak Education System

U.S. one of the most powerful nation of the world does not provide that effective education to its kids. In a report by The Atlantic of 2013- U.S.A. has graded mediocre in comparison of its education system with world.

Amongst 34 OECD (Organisation for Economic Cooperation & Development was founded in 1961) countries, America scored below average in Maths & ranked 17th, 21st in science & 17th in reading. OECD publishes PISA (Programme for International Student Assessment), which examines student performances on a common measure for all countries.

OECD conducts tests every three years & main emphasis is given on Mathematics with Science & reading as minor focus. In a PISA report out of 13% “Top-Performers”, 55% are from Shanghai-China & only 9% are from U.S.


well there might be more secrets as each country has their own. Hope these facts have shown a new side of America. Please share if you liked.

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